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Wick Dipper

Wick Dipper

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A wick dipper is simple tool used primarily to extinguish and maintain container candles:

Extinguishing Candles: Wick dippers allow for a clean and smoke-free way to extinguish candles by simply dipping the lit wick into the melted wax and then lifting and straightening it ready for the next burn. By not blowing out the candle there will be less smoke and soot meaning the scent of your candle will linger for longer once extinguished.

Centring the Wick: After extinguishing a candle with a wick dipper gently centre and straighten the wick to help promote an even burn and prevent uneven wax melting.

Preventing Soot and Smoke: By ensuring that the wick is straight and properly trimmed, a wick dipper helps reduce soot and smoke production during candle burning, maintaining a cleaner environment.

Prolonging Candle Life: Properly using a wick dipper helps maximize the lifespan of a candle by helping to prevent issues like tunnelling and uneven burning.

A wick dipper is a practical and multi-purpose tool for maintaining candles, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and the longevity of your candle's performance.
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