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Wick Snuffer

Wick Snuffer

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Using a candle snuffer offers several advantages when extinguishing candles. It helps prevent:

Wax Splatter: Snuffing out a candle with a snuffer eliminates the risk of hot wax splattering, which can cause burns or damage to surrounding surfaces.

Smoke and Soot: Snuffing gently cuts off the oxygen supply to the flame, reducing smoke and preventing excessive soot buildup on the candle's container or walls.

Safety: Candle snuffers are a safer alternative to blowing out candles, especially in drafty areas where blowing can cause an uneven burn or create sparks.

Preservation: Snuffing a candle rather than blowing it out helps maintain the candle's aesthetic appearance and scent quality for future use.

In summary, using a candle snuffer enhances safety, reduces mess, and prolongs the life and enjoyment of your candles. Candle snuffers are suitable for pillar, table and container candles.

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